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Independent Garden Center Review: Homestead Gardens

20 Sep

Homestead Gardens is beautiful.  The plants are all excellently maintained, inventory is kept up to day, the grounds are gorgeous, the different areas of the interior shop make you drool, and everything about it seems to shimmer.

The employees are helpful and reasonably knowledgeable.  (No one here knows what a loropetalum is, though!)

The garden center is simply huge, so they have room not only for more of everything but for more different kinds of things.  They even have a small section of very dwarf conifers, which will come in handy if I ever do get the train garden I’ve been promising my son built!  Their promotional sales are pretty good, too, bringing the prices down considerably.

The downsides are simple:  price and guarantee.  Homestead has a pathetic 30-day guarantee on their plants–even trees, which pretty much means I’d far rather get a tree fresh off the truck from Lowe’s.  It’s a matter of common sense.  The prices, too, are at the upper end of the spectrum for the area for most plants.  All that glitter has to be paid for somehow!  I wouldn’t mind the premium price if only a guarantee to match came with it.  As it is, while the plants appear to be in great shape, I’ve been burned elsewhere before.