Independent Garden Center review: Frank’s Garden Center, Bowie, MD

17 Sep

Frank’s is an interesting place.  The owner stocks what he likes, and to hell with the rest. Many of the plants are well cared for.  However, the owner does not often mark down plants that have seen better days.

He’s a bit of a crotchety fellow, and if he takes a shine to you, you’re all set.  If he doesn’t, well, he can make the experience very uncomfortable.  Fortunately for me, I’m shiny!

The selection of perennials and annuals is on the small side, but there are lots of shrubs and trees.  The price is moderate for an independent garden center in the region.  Perennials, as they so often are, are in the astronomical range–$15 each is a typical price.  They may be gallon containers, but really?  A $15 echinacea?

Some of the trees and shrubs are a little less “expected,” which is nice, and the price is lower than some.  I forgot to check the guarantee on the plants, though I will next time.  It’s worth it to poke around the far reaches of the center, but wear your mud boots!  The paths are not well kept.

And no, there’s no website.

All in all, it’s a place to keep in mind, but not my favorite for the area.


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